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Dog vs Cat Obstacle Challenge


Bored at home, people have come up with the obstacle challenge, which they post to YouTube.

You try it too,  demonstrating the differences between how dogs and cats navigate.

Set up random obstacles in a narrow hallway and watch who does better at coming to you while knocking over the fewest obstacles – the dog or the cat. Who do you think generally wins the challenge?

I thought I would try it out with our 10-year old Chihuahua/Terrier mix, Hazel and 17-year old Devon Rex cat, Roxy.

At 17, Roxy’s racing is an arthritic version for sure. She’s generally never in a hurry these days. Hazel, the dog, was far more acrobatic than other dogs I’ve seen do this on YouTube.

Ok – so now here’s our dog, Hazel:

Hard to tell here, but her flying leap to a spot without an obstacle was over 2 feet (like us leaping over 7-feet), and she like a ballerina. Most dogs aren’t so graceful; they simply barrel right through the obstacles. Still, I thought I would try it again – adding obstacles, especially near the wall at the periphery of the course. Here’s what Roxy did:

Roxy gingerly navigates the obstacles, clearly curious about them, definitely in no hurry – and unlike most cats, even nearly knocked one over.

Here’s Hazel on her second run:

Hazel broke her own speed record, managing in just under four seconds.

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