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Dogs Outside in Cold May be Animal Cruelty


It’s illegal in Illinois and other states to maintain pets outdoors in the cold, particularly the extreme cold much of the nation is facing . I talked to Patti Vazquez about this on WGN Radio. One of her listeners was insistant that it’s “okay.” It’s NOT “okay,” unless the dog has water (unfrozen) and comfortable shelter. What’s more, no dog is bred to tolerate sub-zero weather. And for those individuals who don’t seem to mind, it’s absolutely unhealthy for them to be outside for more than a few minutes, as breathing in that frigid air, especially if they’re running, may damage their lungs. Again, not only isn’t this unfair to ‘man’s best friend,’ it is against the law in many states and even considered f subject to arrest for animal cruelty.

Fifteen degrees may not be fun for mere humans, but sure, many Malamutes or Huskies actually like it. However, 15 degrees below zero is another story. And dogs do feel wind chill just as we do.

(Special call out and thank you in Illinois to Representative Sara Feigenholtz)

Here are additional tips on keeping pets safe in extreme cold.

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