Dr. Kim Kendall Talks Cats


Feline veterinarian Dr. Kim Kendall of Sydney Australia has a thing or two to say always. Here, she banters on the national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show about extended lifespans cats have these days.

She attributes longer lives to:

  • Improved veterinary care (and more frequent care which indoor cats inherently receive)
  • Indoors, cats are not hit by cars or attacked by predators
  • Improved nutrition
  • Cat caretakers who care about cats as family members (which may not have been the case 30 years ago)

Dr. Kendall explains body condition scoring in cats, and why that’s important. How fat is too fat? We don’t want our cats to be too lean and mean.  As Dr. Kim Kendall says, “No one shares a mouse. Their fat pad is tomorrow’s lunch.”

Put simply, if you can feel the cat’s backbone, you may be in trouble.

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