Dr. Marty “Fear Free” Becker: Our Pets in Today’s World


America’s veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker talks about the Fear Free Initiative, working at home with pets at our side, and during the interview on my national SteveDale’s Pet World radio show we all hear his 16-lb. door bell. Dr. Becker himself actually authored a book called The Healing Power Pets so this is a topic he sure knows about.

He says, “We know pets don’t only make us feel good, they’re good for us.”

Becker says that in times of stress, we know people fall back on whatever they most trust, and he explains that may be a partner in life with two legs or four, or family or faith or friends – but our pets are as dependable as it gets.

Becker says they see we’re stressed, and they help us. Indeed Banfield the Pet Hospital revealed results of a survey about how we’ve all enjoyed sharing time with pets, and actually feel we understand them better as a result. But Allie Phillips, CEO and founder of Sheltering Animals and Families Together also on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show says that we’re more stressed, and our pets ARE noticing and they’re picking up on our stress.

For alleviating at least some of this stress, check out FearFreeHappyHomes.  At this site, among other things, all sorts of ways to enrich your pets’ lives. Also, SO much on the Internet about pets is misinformation. All the stories on this site are vetted by veterinarians, technicians and many are Board certified. The site is also fun; there are coupons to use, and it’s all free.

All in all, the healing power of pets is real – and we’re feeling it right now.



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