Bucket List Nature Trips, It's Wild!


Ged Caddick is a real-life, modern-day explorer and naturalist, and we chat on this WGN Plus Podcast, Steve Dale’s Other World. 

Ged Caddick in Madagascar with a lemur on his back

Ged Caddick in Madagascar with a lemur on his back

Gorillas laugh - in case you wondered

Gorillas laugh – in case you wondered

We discuss how you can literally go along with the ride with Terra Incognita Ecotours. And here’s where they go: from the Amazon, to the Patagonia also in South America, to East Africa (Kenya to see ‘the Great Migration’ or Rwanda to see  mountain gorillas), to see Bengal tigers in India or Orangutan in Borneo.  And that list isn’t even complete.

Caddick talks about the wildlife experience that moves him to tears – and why.

in Kenya

in Kenya

You pay for the trip, and Caddick gives back to a local non-for-profit that helps animals, nearly always endangered species. And on a trip, you meet those folks Waste Warriors in India or Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project in Rwanda.

Orangutans in Borneo

Orangutans in Borneo

Want to come nose to nose with a wild Mountain Gorilla, ancestors of the same gorillas Dr. Dian Fossey habituated many decades ago? Caddick says you can get that close, literally a few feet away from the wild Gorillas, and talks about what the excursion is like.  Whatever it is the Gorillas do, from eating to playing, they do what they do. The Gorillas are totally habituated to the tourists.

People ask if the Gorillas are a danger to us, and Caddick explains why we’re actually more a danger to them in a surprising way.

Trips like Caddick’s have actually saved the Mountain Gorilla species, and he explains why.

Caddick also talks about a unique killer whale encounter.



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