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Edangered Species: U.S. Farmers


In a presumably well-meaning attempt to improve the quality of life for U.S. farm animals, legislative restrictions were passed in California (called the Farm Animal Cruelty Act, known as Proposition 2), and similar restrictions are now being suggested for Ohio and soon other states. This isn’t normally an area of focus for my shows, but I care about the way animals are treated on farms, and as a U.S. citizen who eats, this matters.

The problem is that many of the proposed legislative restrictions, if passed, will put farmers  out of business. And some of the proposed legislative restrictions aren’t actually beneficial for animals anyway, it’s just PR hype, not based on science.

One of the most outspoken voices on these issues is radio show host and rancher Trent Loos.

Trent Loos

I don’t completely agree with Trent, but his voice should be heard. Trent was a guest on my WLS-AM On Demand show.

Also at WLS-AM On Demand (you can listen now or download to listen later) Temple Grandin is a behaviorist and an expert on farm animal husbandry and welfare.

Temple Grandin

Not only the subject of a recent HBO movie, she’s the author of several books, including Animals Make Us Human. Also, on the show Tim Amlaw, vice president of American Humane’s The Humane Touch; Dr. Gail Golab, director Animal Welfare at the American Veterinary Medical Association and Sara Muirhead, editor and publisher of Feedstuffs Newspaper.

Everyone wants U.S. farmers to treat farm animals humanely….Loos says we’re pretty much there already; others contend we need to do better. All agree, though, if we go too far – animals don’t benefit, U.S. farms go away – and we import nearly all our food. Sound like that could never happen. Experts say ‘we’re on our way for that to happen now.’ Do we really want to be dependent on other countries for our food. Not only will prices go up, but also huge concerns about food safety. Remember the pet food recall? 

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