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Elephants in Thailand: Kanta Elephant Sanctuary


With Brian Noonan on WGN radio, I talk HERE about my visit to Kanta Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand.

I explain why elephant sanctuaries exist in the first place. I speak about the differences between the two types of Asian elephants.

I also talk about why I didn’t visit an elephant sanctuary where elephants “perform” and give rides to tourists. Helping us to make choices and arrange the tailor-made trip was Audley Travel.

At Kanta, near Chiang Mei, the Asian Elephants are allowed to do whatever they like, expressing natural behaviors. These two females got along okay, but weren’t “besties” until they both happened to become pregnant at around the same time. You can see the affection they’re expressing for one another.

You haven’t lived until you’ve fed an elephant. Here’s what it’s like in slo-mo:

an elephant selfie:



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