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Flights for Felines for Chicago Kitten Nursery


Windy Kitty Cat Cafe founder Jenny Tiner is determined to save Chicago’s kittens, or even more of them. In 2019, nearly 300 cats and kittens were adopted via Windy Kitty.  Most of the cats and kittens are from Chicago Animal Care and Control. Not only is every adoption through Windy Kitty a life saved but also more space created to save more at Chicago Animal Care and Control. Jenny works in conjunction with Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control.

Tiner has a dream – and that’s to save more kittens. She wants to build a kitten nursery.

Some said it couldn’t be done when Tiner said she wanted to create a cat cafe in Chicago. Now, this determined and creative lady wants to find a way to save kitten lives. And she needs your help. But that can be fun – attending a benefit called Flights for Felines, January 24 will benefit the Chicago Cat Chicks Kitten Rescue Project at Chicago Party Animals Pillar Loft, 910 W. Jackson at 7 p.m. The evening will feature flights of wine, beer & whiskey, food, a kitten kissing booth (for humans – not cats), celebrity guests, gift bags, jazz and more. Proceeds go toward opening of Chicago’s first and only Kitten Nursery.

Tickets HERE for Flights for Felines.

Getting kitties out of a shelter environment sooner than later – even the best shelter environment, reduces their stress. Stress reduction equates with less disease; there is a correlation. A proper kitten nursery and a plan for those kittens means lives saved. And that is exactly what Tiner wants to do – to save more lives via the Kitten Rescue Project. And we chat about how she will even provide support for cats trapped in domestic violence, and how to get them out.  HERE’s my conversation with Tiner on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio.



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