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Friends of Animal Control Honors Dr. Shelly Rubin


Can you imagine doing anything for 41 years? And then retire, only to do more of it – but now as a volunteer, only payment is satisfaction.

Dr. Shelly Rubin’s career spanned four decades at Blum Animal Hospital before he retired. For him, retirement means continuing to serve on the Board of Directors of the Anti Cruelty Society, and as a volunteer veterinarian snipping and clipping spay/neuters; and also volunteers for Chicago Animal Care & Control.

Pet expert Steve Dale writes about Dr. Shelly Rubin honored at a benefit for Friends of Chicago Animal Care & ControlDr. Rubin has received many honors, and now he’s getting another – from the Friends of Chicago Animal Care & Control, at the Big Night Benefit on October 6,  6 pm. at the Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington Street at Michigan Avenue. Friends of Chicago Animal Care is a non-profit supporter of the City’s municipal facility. 

Dr. Rubin even had a dog toy named in his honor

Dr. Rubin even had a dog toy named in his honor

Well over a dozen of Chicago’s best chefs will be at Big Night serving amazing dishes. And I am told there will even be a margarita in my honor, and much more to drink for sure! I will again emcee the event, as I have several times before.

The honoree is Dr. Rubin. His credits are truly too numerous to mention here. One of his most significant contributions is understanding the importance to reaching out to pet owners, and back then you’d do it through traditional media. I’ve been at WGN Radio for nearly 20 years, but Rubin goes back well before that, to the legendary Wally Phillips, where he appeared regularly. No one veterinarian has appeared more often on the radio with me. Oh, did I mention Rubin’s appearances on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”  When he was practicing, he was the Chicago media’s go-to guy whenever there was pet news, like a distemper outbreak. Rubin was in national magazines, and local newspapers, and he was always available.

making new friends

making new friends

Pet expert Steve Dale writes about Dr. Shelly Rubin honored at a benefit for Friends of Chicago Animal Care & ControlRubin was instrumental in working with others to actually create plans for the current Chicago Animal Care & Control facility. He’s served on a long list of committees and task forces, local and national. Back in the day, he even helped tigers and chimpanzees to get well – as a veterinarian at the Lincoln Park Zoo.Pet expert Steve Dale writes about Dr. Shelly Rubin honored at a benefit for Friends of Chicago Animal Care & Control

Rubin was past president of the Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association and also the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association. He received an award from his alma mater for the ground-breaking externship program he created, and for his work to support the college for many decades.

In 2003, he earned the prestigious American Animal Hospital Association Practitioner of the Year Award. Under his leadership the American Heartworm Society gained increased prominence both within veterinary medicine, and to the general public.

Most of all, the following:

The number of pets’ lives saved: INCALCULABLE

The number of professionals he played a role in mentoring: INCALCULABLE

The number of hands held of grieving pet owners: INCALCULABLE

Shelly and Paulette Rubin

Shelly and Paulette Rubin

This promises to be a VERY special evening. I am honored to call Dr. Rubin and his wife Paulette, friends. I’m not alone, Dr. Rubin has had friends with four legs and paws….How many? INCALCULABLE.

Tickets include food and drink, $130. Tickets HERE.

If Dr. Rubin once helped one of your pets – hope you consider helping out Chicago’s homeless animals.





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