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Frog Species "Croaked," Now Brought Back


Bringing back a frog from the dead….Talk about croaking in all new way. Scientists at Australia’s University of Newcastle are using DNA from frozen tissue samples to resurrect embryos of a frog species extinct 1983 that gives birth through it’s mouth. After the male gastric brooding frog fertilizes the eggs externally, the female eats them., gestates them in her stomach and then regurgitates baby frogs.

The Lazarus Project, as this de-extinction initiative is known is led by Professor Mike Archer, who has his eye on the extinct Tasmanian tiger or  thylacine next.

On September 7, 1936, the last thylacine, nicknamed “Benjamin,” died of neglect at the Hobart Zoo.

Their motto is revive and restore. But is it wise to bring back an animal species literally from the dead?

Personally, I think – with careful planning, it’s a very cool idea, though some species more than others. Actually there are many benefits if the Thylazine is brought back. And now, it could happen.



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