From Pet Stores to Enjoying Downtown Chicago with Alderman Hopkins on WGN Radio


Filling in for Anna Davlantes on WGN Radio you can hear listen HERE my first question out of the box for Alderman Brian Hopkins, 2nd Ward. What happened to that bill which would have closed the loophole preventing just a few stores to continue to evade the law and sell puppies in Chicago? Hopkins said (as I did before the ordinance was even considered) that it was really two ordinances in one, asking something else related to breeding which was not related to pet store sales. The breeding part of the bill, he said, was misinterpreted and will be dropped.

The dogs still sold at pet stores, circumventing the current Chicago law, is using a loophole in the ordinance by continuing to sell puppies (calling their sources of these puppies non-profit rescues). All proponents want to do now is close the loophole so the ordinance can achieve what was originally intended.

Ald. Brian Hopkins

Well, selling animals from sources which is not what they truly are is allegedly fraud. Also, overwhelming the Chicago Aldermen and citizens of Chicago wanted to stop the puppy mill pipeline years ago, and these few pet stores are ignoring this. Most important, puppy mill animals continue to be sold, and as Dr. Adam Christman recently told me (and far more others than I can possibly count), dogs from puppy mills are more likely to have medical and/or behavior problems, not to mention the serious ethical issue of supporting puppy mills. Responsible breeders NEVER, EVER sell to pet stores.

And HEAR Ald. Hopkins talk about how the City is now out millions of dollars just because of amusement tax in hole, to the tune of $200 million.  Obviously, there’s a challenge related to the pandemic combined with the civil unrest, or as I say “riots.”

Hopkins said that Mayor Lori Lightfoot was somehow not aware (how could she not have been aware?) of how important for income to the City the downtown area is. However, Hopkins was quick to add that the Mayor has turned it around, and today there is a huge presence of police downtown. But is that presence, police cars with lights on, almost too intimidating for citizens?  Hopkins announced he now wants to that show of police with flashing lights to ‘back-off.”  Bottom line, should people feel safe downtown? I mention that even peaceful protest are now intimidating.  He adds that if violence continues, people will be afraid to live in any City.

Also, I talk here on WGN Radio with former Chicago Public School Superintendent and former Chicago Budget Director Paul Vallas  about the mess he thinks Chicago is in, and how to get out of it.

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