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Geriatric Pets and the Fountain of Youth


Dr. Mary Gardner is in the Lap of Love, speaking about geriatric pets on nationally syndicated Steve Dale’s Pet World – you can listen HERE.

This begins with defining what a geriatric pet even is…how old is geriatric? The answer depends on species (cats vs. dog vs. Amazon parrot), and also for dogs, the size of the dog and the breed And a lot has to do with individual genetics and environmental factors, as well as a lifetime of preventive veterinary care.

Gardner explains that in humans, nurturing and loving actually extends lifespan, and it seems the same is true for pets. Love equates with longevity. Who knew?

No matter what’s most important is how they are not how old they are.

Gardner, Dr. Dani McVety co-edit and help write the upcoming  “The Treatment and Care of Geriatric Pets,” which I am honored to say I contributed to.  The book will be released in 2017.

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