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Goats on the Lam


What do you do when you’re trying to run a commuter train service, and this happens?

Fortunately, the portion of the Sea Beach line the goat pair chose for their grazing has been closed to train traffic for station rehabilitation. They did, however, get a bit too close for comfort to an electrified third rail. With animal control, subway crews and police, the goats were corralled away from danger and eventually confiscated. When actor Jon Stewart and his wife Tracy heard about the wayward goats, the took them into Farm Sanctuary, Watkins Glen, NY, where even goats with a nose for trouble will live safely. No one knows where the pair of goats came from.

Earlier this month about 100 hungry goats went on the attack in a Boise, ID neighborhood, destroying many flower beds and weeds.

The goats were on the lam, escaping their location at We Rent Goats. The company provides the goats to eat weeds. No kidding, this is certainly an environmentally friendly alternative to pesticides and bulldozers. The company usually leaves the animals to feast with minimal supervision.

According to The Atlantic, We Rent Goats owner Matt Gabica said, “I definitely did not think that goats, certainly not my goats, would ever be the talk of the internet. I don’t really do the whole social media thing, plus I was pretty busy today making sure all the goats were safe and sound and fielding phone calls from all over the country, so I don’t honestly know what all is happening on the internet. But I’m getting a lot of messages from people saying our goats went viral. Whatever that means.”

Goats in town – even a problem in Mayberry when Jimmy the goat went uptown, and wandered off to allegedly snack on dynamite. The entire town was worried that Jimmy might go “Bleweee” as Deputy Fife said. 

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