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Good News Purrsuing FIP Symposium; Pets Night Before Christmas, WGN Radio


No doubt the biggest news in the cat world of 2019. If you missed by WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show; listen HERE to my conversation with Dr. Glenn Olah, past president of the Winn Feline Foundation about the FIP Symposium, Purrsuing FIP and Winning at the University of California, Davis and the big news which came out of that event.

Olah explains what FIP is, and how it is formed in the first place.

What’s changed begins with what was considered a fatal illness is now considered treatable.

We know all this, in part, because of Winn Feline Foundation funding, called the Bria Fund.

We also discuss the Chinese counterfeit drug. And whether or not these drugs work. Olah says it’s like when the HIV drugs appeared on the scene.

All in all we are Purrsuing FIP and indeed finally now, we are winning.

Pets Night Before Christmas

Here it is: Listen to my dramatic of a Pets Night Before Christmas.

Christmas Safety Tips

I offer several tips to keep all safe over the holidays..and more tips can be found

I get political: I am fighting for a ban of tinsel! This stuff can kill dogs and cats. If you’ve put up precious glass ornaments, and they’ve survived fine….GREAT. But don’t assume they will continue to be not knocked over and broken. Relocate those ornaments to a safer place.

You won’t believe what people add to Christmas tree water to help the tree to survive longer. Products range from chicken soup to birth control pills to Prozac. For starters, I checked, none of these bizarre products or many others, will actually help trees to survive longer. What’s more, now if the pet sips some of this, that Christmas tree water may be dangerous.

I also present some ideas of minimizing fear, anxiety and stress when all those relatives come and go.

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