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Guide to Low-Cost Veterinary Care


I argue veterinary medicine is the best medical care bargain in the U.S. But if you don’t have the money to pay for it, you don’t have the money to pay for it.

Here’s what I mean: A pet with cancer might need surgery to remove a tumor, various medications, and a five-day hospital stay. Something like that would cost many thousands of dollars for a person. But for the pet, the same surgery, the same drugs, and the same five-day hospital stay might cost about $4,o00. However, I understand not everyone has $4,000 to spare, even for a beloved pet. Pet insurance can help, but most pet owners don’t have pet insurance. One issue is that some can’t afford the premiums (particularly in multi-pet homes).

A new website—The Ultimate Guide to Financial Aid for Pets—offers a state-by-state guide to subsidized low-cost veterinary care. The website was created by Brian Robson, and I believe it’s a great idea.

For the site, Robson found hundreds of pet financial aid organizations all over the country that can help pet owners with financial constraints.


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