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Halloween and Pets, High Anxiety


Here’s what can make pets anxious around Halloween:

  • Getting dressed up in costume – some pets love it, many do not.
  • Changes in routine – nothing is routine about Halloween.
  • The goblins and witches, and they noise all the kids make – even running around the neighborhood.
  • The doorbell constantly ringing, and all the commotion.
  • Increased household visitors that may not look like people.

So, what do you do about it?

Limit pets’ exposure to excess commotion.

Locate pets into a room (like your bedroom, a second bedroom, den or basement) and close the door.

  • Turn on calming music.
  • Plug in pheromone diffusers, Adaptil (for dogs), Feliway for cats.
  • Distract the pet with food dispensing toys or food puzzle, toys you can stuff treats into, for example.

Here’s more on Halloween safety





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