Hoodie with Pit Bull-Type Dog Image Remains Available. What Apology?


I was scolded, “Stop picking on Forever 21, they apologized.” Aside from not finding their apology and not receiving an email to that affect, FAR more important the hoodie with a pit bull looking dog wearing chains and a padlock remains listed on their website as available for purchase. So, even if  there was an eloquent apology, I ask why is the product still available (as of 9:20AM CDT January 8)? What kind of meaningful apology is that?

I previously wrote about this hoodie with an image of a pit bull looking dog. And why the image perpetuates myths regarding this type of dog, and it’s harmful. The image also appears to perpetuate the gang mentality and these dogs as being aggressive “macho dogs.” I personally don’t believe this is just a benign fashion statement but is instead going too far. You can see it for yourself and judge for yourself.

Obviously Forever 21, a brand I respect, has not gotten the message or doesn’t care – otherwise apology or not – the product wouldn’t continue to be listed for sale. I am calling for Forever 21 to make a donation to a pit bull rescue group (which I can help with or another person who does what I do can help).

Please DO contact Forever 21 if you happen to agree. And SHARE this post in social media so Forever 21 feels the heat, as they should.  Clearly, so far, there hasn’t been enough of a protest. Or as some suggest, in truth, Forever 21 just doesn’t care, and even appreciates the negative press as further attention for the product.

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Mr Do Won Chang, founder
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