Identifying Cats; HomeAgain Has a New Upgraded Chip


Q: Our cat Daisy hates wearing a collar. If she has it one, her entire personality changes. She crouches down and hides for hours. Without the collar on, she spends her time having fun, Thought about an implant, but am worried that it would bother her. D.M. Cyberspace

A: By an implant, I assume you mean a microchip. Lots of research has been conducted on how often indoor-only cats really do get outside. Microchips are a wonderful means of identification. A chip, which is about the size of a grain of rice, is implanted by a veterinary professional. The process takes seconds. Once implanted it is exceedingly rare for the chip to cause any sort of discomfort or medical issue of any kind. Stored with your contact info, once scanned by a reader a lost pet can be identified and returned.

What’s more, as an added bonus, as an added bonus, HomeAgain now offers an upgraded microchip through veterinarians that can measure a pet’s temperature with a simple scan.

The ASPCA (and many other animal welfare organizations) also suggest a collar and ID tag, and nearly all cats will accept a collar when the process of acclimating the cat to the collar is done gradually and paired with a special treat. At first just the sight of the collar means special treats. When cat is accepting of that, you put it one for seconds only and the cat gets treats simultaneously. And that is followed by a meal. For nearly all cats this process works. Maybe your cat hasn’t read the rules – that happens.

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