LaSalle University works with Purina to Create a Dog-Friendly Residence Hall


La Salle University announced plans on their website for a dog friendly residence hall, a first-of-its-kind among universities in the Philadelphia region and one of the first of its kind in the U.S. Upperclassmen who choose to live in the existing St. George Hall, may now apply to have an approved dog on-campus as a pet. That policy begins in the Fall.

The initiative expands upon the existing Emotional Support Animal policy, which permits students in need to bring animals to campus in approved areas.

“Students enjoy having animals on campus, whether it’s during our ‘Pause for Paws’ stress-buster event each semester or through our ongoing partnership with Purina,” said Vice President of Student Affairs Dawn Soufleris, Ph.D. “We recognize that there are mental, physical, and emotional benefits to having a pet, and are excited to provide this option to our on-campus community.”

There are some caveats, one is that roommates approve of the pet, which makes sense. And another is that approved dog must be under 30 lbs.

No doubt having a dog decreases stress (just by a dog being a dog) not only of the dog’s owner but others who interact with the dog. And dogs are simply fun, creating a more enjoyable living environment. Amenities will include a dog-run, on-campus washing station, and dog-friendly lounge space.

“Allowing students the option to bring a pet to campus provides many opportunities for self-growth,” said Alan Wendell, Assistant, vice president of Residence Life and Community Development. “Owning a dog helps teach responsibility and compassion, both of which are important life skills we hope to instill in our students.”

Also, approved dogs must have all required vaccinations and licenses, must be spayed or neutered at the appropriate age, and must have current identification tags in accordance with the Philadelphia Dog Ordinances. The Approved Dog must be tagged with the Student Owner’s contact information. I believe dogs are’t meant for all students, as college students don’t always excel at responsibility, but then again dogs do teach responsibility. Dogs can also enhance social life of students have problems relating to others or adjusting to college life.

For more information about the initiative and all required forms visit


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