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Mail Disappears: You Won’t Believe Why


Receiving mail is an issue for some, including a Toxy, Alabama family that wasn’t receiving their mail. Now, if this happened to you what would you do?

You may complain to the local post office and that is exactly what the family did. After a wait of 30 minutes to see the local postal person in charge, that person in charge insisted, “You are getting your mail!”

But nearly every day, she continued to insist she wasn’t receiving her mail.

She returned to the post office where the postal person in charge said, “Someone must be stealing your mail mam.”

So, the family set up a camera – and what do you know….this is one story which the postal service is in no way culpable….has nothing to do with sorting machines but everything to do with a neighbor, a goat who has the munchies for mail.

Turns out Chester – the neighbor’s goal, developed a taste for items like electric bills and ads from the local supermarket.

Working with the postal service, the family purchased a new mail box – a goat-proof mail box.

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