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March for National Puppy Mill Awareness Day

Puppy Mill Project Walk


Puppy Mill Project walk for National Puppy Mill Awareness Day

Puppy Mill Project walk for National Puppy Mill Awareness Day

National Puppy Mill Awareness Day is September 16. The Puppy Mill Project will march down Michigan Avenue to create educational awareness, communicating loud and clear where dogs sold at pet stores are really from. It’s amazing how many people actually have no idea pet store dogs are from puppy mills. An that by supporting or even “saving” puppy mill dogs you are supporting puppy mills.

Puppy Mill Project walk

Chaplain Robert Montelongo blessing the animals for National Puppy Mill Awareness Day

Anyone can participate in the march, in fact, all are welcome. Dogs (on a leash) are welcome too, and among those attending will be some puppy mill dogs. I will emcee, and Chicago Police Department Chaplain Bob Montelongo will bless all the animals present. Montelongo will then be available for individual blessings.

The walk steps off at noon and continues ’till 2 p.m., from next to the Wrigley Building, 448 N. Michigan Avenue.

The Puppy Mill Project wants to have some idea how many are coming, so please register here, though there is no fee.


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