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Meow Meet Up on WGN Radio: Here’s a Very Special Discount Code


Lauren Mieli and Steve Dale on WGN Radio

Cat Conventions are a thing, with events that attract thousands on each coast – it’s Chicago’s turn. The Meow Meet Up Chicago is July 20-21 at the Rosemont Stephens Convention Center (5555 N River Rd, Rosemont, IL). So, what the heck is a cat convention all about? Hear founder/organizer Lauren Mieli explain HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World WGN Radio show.

Mieli is also editor of the Catnip Times, no doubt a Pawlitzer Prize winning online publication.

We talk about Chuck the Duck, Mikita Chicago Black Cat, Eddie Meownster, Summer the Therapy Cat, and Sinbad the the Survivor among others, all coming town for the event.

I’ll be talk on Sunday about the Fear Free initiative and also on on how and why to enrich indoor environments for cats.

Caring for you kittens

Jenny Tiner of the Windy Kitty Cat Cafe will instruct on caring for young kittens, including how to bottle feed and how to socialize.

So how do cats sense the world? Rachel Augusta will explain. Several will also talk about trap, neuter, return, including Anne Beall, author of Community Cats and Chicago’s own Jenny Schlueter of Chicago Animal Care and Control.

Other activities include cat yoga with a 50-minute class with a certified yoga instructor and cat BINGO. And there’s a special event, where you can paint your cat’s portrait. You must register for that one in advance.

On Caturday night, let loose and hang out with other cat people with drinks, heavy appetizers and live music for the Meow Mix After Patty.  (You must be at least 21 years old to attend this event). Attendees will enjoy complimentary alcoholic beverages and heavy hors d’oeuvres, live music with tunes like “What’s New Pussycat?” and a chance to mingle with cat lovers and influencers.

Here’s the big news: Today only – July 7 – for hearing this podcast you will receive 20 percent off everything at the Meow Meet Up IF you use the code SteveDalePets. On any other day, use the code SteveDale you receive $5 off the general admission here. 





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