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Microchipping Pets Saves Lives


Shelters and animal rescuers have said for years that pets scanned for microchips will more likely be recovered. Now, Dr. Linda Lord is using science to document if microchipping matters. Not a huge surprise, microchipping saves lives!

When it comes to microchipping, increasingly people are microchipping dogs – but cats get the short end of the branch. People don’t readily microchip cats (compared to dogs). Even indoor cats do get lost. Cats are unlikely to be wearing another ID (dogs generally may wear a ‘dog tag’ and/or rabies license which can traced back to the owner), so arguably cats are even more in need of microchips. Also, cats are more likely to be dumped – tossed outside to fend for themselves. What matters most, if you read Dr. Lord’s report, microchipping matters.

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