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Monique Feyrecilde Vet Stream Global Team: Join In


On the veterinary conference circuit veterinary technician Monique Feyrecilde, BA, LVT, VTS (Behavior) is one of the best educators out there. With three of her intrepid vet tech colleagues, they’ve organized a a virtual conference from scratch, Vet Stream Global Team.

Watch HERE, as tonight Dr. Elizabeth Bales and myself talk with Feyrecilde about the conference and what technicians can do! And how essential these nurses are to veterinary medicine. We’ll also talk dog/cat behavior, including “odd behavior” in these stay-at-home times. And what a specialty for technicians in behavior means (which Feyrecilde has).

Feyrecilde will talk about Fear Free at the the virtual conference. Get this line up speakers, Temple Grandin, PhD, author/professor of animal science at Colorado State University; Susan Friedman, PhD, psychology professor at Utah State University a pioneer the application of Applied Behavior Analysis, and Fear Free founder Dr. Marty Becker, who was a recent the guest for Dr. Bales and myself.  Others include many more high profile and popular speakers including veterinary technicians Kara Burns, and Tasha McNerney as well as Dr. Andy Roark and veterinary behaviorist Dr. Valarie Tynes.

Feyrecilde is the co-author of Cooperative Veterinary Care (with Alicea Howell).

The session with Dr. Bales and myself free, fun and interactive (Feyrecilde, Bales and myself will do our best to answer your questions), all you need is to follow this link. And you’ll learn more about Vet Stream Global Team.


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