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Nabbing Spiderman in a Nasty Web


U.S. Agents from the Fish and Wildlife Service and U.S. Postal
Inspection agents have just concluded ‘Operation Spiderman’ by busting
tarantula-smuggler Sven Koppler, according to Notitas de Noticias. 

Red-Kneed Tarantulas aren’t especially dangerous as pets. The biggest fear is the tarantula’s, that the spider will be dropped. Falling can be deadly. Tarantula’s bites don’t do as much damage as their urticating hairs which are fine barbed hairs which can stick in you, and you don’t want to accidentally rub them into your eyes.

The ‘spiderman’ is from Germany; he’s accused of sending 500 live tarantulas through the mail to the U.S. How would you like to have been that postal carrier?

Not only is his crime creepy it’s highly illegally.  Amongst the 500
live tarantulas were 22 endangered and protected Mexican red-kneed
tarantulas. Actually, if you are up to the idea, tarantula’s can make ok pets. However, captive bred animals are a far better choice. For starters, they are legal and there aren’t ethical concerns….And for another, any animals smuggled in are likely to harbor parasites and may also be so stressed they are more prone to become ill.

Koppler tangled a wicked web by being in the business of
smuggling spider’s for profit.  If convicted he faces 20 years in prison
and a fine of $250,000.Agents put the value of his shipment at $300,000.

(I thank Facebook Fan Alejandra for the idea for this post)

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