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Nancy Kelly of Kelly Cruises & Tours on WGN


Filling in for John Williams on WGN Radio, Listen HERE to my conversation with Nancy Kelly of Kelly Cruises & Tours.

Want a workout cruise, there is one….or cruises with a focus on education/history or architecture or cruise for people with limited mobility or cruises for the LGBT community and on and on, a cruise professional can tell you more

First, we begin with how to choose a cruise – one that is just right for you. Today there are all sorts of niche cruises, choices that even a few years back might not have existed. Many different price categories, for starters. But don’t be fooled only by what you see online, getting help from a cruise professional will help you to insure that you really book what you want. For example, some cruiseliners can be sneaky – you want to know what is really included in the cruise or not. Are drinks included? If so, which drinks? How about gratuities, included or not?

Listener Keith asked the best question regarding travel ever. Is there a cruise where you can bring your mutually attached dogs? And there are – even on board dog walkers. Kelly suggests the Cunard cruiseline.

We discuss how John Williams and his wife Brenda will host their 12th cruise for Kelly Cruises, and the camaraderie that happens as a result. The cruise is on a brand new ship, a 10 day cruise from Istanbul to Venice. Stops include Greek Islands and also beautiful Croatia. The event includes lots of extras, including a private cocktail reception. Everything on boat is all inclusive, that’s all meals and beverages as well as the gratuities. And you might get an additional ship-board credit.








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