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NAVC Cutting Edge Veterinary Medicine on WGN Radio


Dr. Dana Varble, vice president of veterinary education North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) talks with me HERE on my Steve Dale’s Pet World show on WGN Radio about NAVC’s post graduate institute and their amazing rice pudding.

Varble’s own dog undergoing chemotherapy

Mostly, we chat about what’s new and what’s cutting edge in veterinary medicine, including artificial intelligence. And Varble talks about how picking up minuscule abnormalities on imaging means early diagnosis and that may lead to better outcomes. We offer cancer as an example. And also speak briefly about new treatments for cancers. And there are even misconceptions about the traditional chemotherapy, which generally doesn’t make pets very sick as might be the case for people undergoing chemo.

We also talked about 3D models and 3D printers, and how this technology is impacting or will be impacting your pet’s care.

The hottest trend in veterinary medicine is called Fear Free, bringing the idea of reducing fear, anxiety and stress at the vet office. And when the pets are more content so are the pet owners – and all of that is better for everyone, including veterinary professionals. And when animals aren’t stressed, then the veterinarian is better able to diagnose, and therefore treat and that all means better outcomes. Fear Free will be discussed at length at the next NAVC VMX Conference.


Sometimes you’re best off preemptively dealing with pets who don’t like coming to vet, then create a plan to change that. And creating such a plan is VERY doable (and affordable).

There’s a pet owner facing website with lots of pet information, called Fear Free Happy Homes.

Innovation on Display: Vet Student Cat Enrichment Contest

I mentioned the veterinary student enrichment contest, sponsored by Purina, which I judged at the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AFP) Conference with behaviorist Dr. Regan McGown and feline and shelter veterinarian Dr. Apryl Steele, president of AAFP. See my Facebook Live conversations with the  top student winners, McGown and Steele HERE and HERE

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