New Test for Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Dogs


If you lived with dogs long enough, it’s incredibly common to have a dog experience diarrhea and/or vomiting, even if somewhat chronic. Often the veterinarian identifies “presumed inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).” Note the word ‘presumed.’ Here’s a press release from Antech Diagnostics about the first blood test to easily, inexpensively and non-invasively determine if the problem is likely IBD:

Antech Diagnostics has introduced what the company calls the first blood test for inflammatory bowel disease in dogs.

The Canine CE-IBD assay checks for three biomarkers — gliadin (gluten) sensitivity, bacterial proliferation and intestinal inflammation — and returns a reading of consistent or not consistent with inflammatory bowel disease. A serum sample needs to be sent an Antech reference laboratory for testing.

“Diagnosing IBD and identifying the underlying cause used to be a lengthy, expensive process that was frustrating for both clinicians and pet owners,” said Antech’s vice president of medical affairs and commercial marketing, Jennifer Ogeer, DVM, MSc., MBA, MA. “The opportunity to rule in or rule out IBD early, identify possible causes and use evidence-based medicine to help pet owners understand care recommendations — all quickly and cost-effectively — allow us to treat a dog who is suffering faster.”

The Canine CE-IBD assay is available to U.S. veterinarians and is expected to be released in Canada “following the end of COVID-19-related travel restrictions,” Antech reported.

The new test is a welcome breakthrough, the company stated.

“Veterinarians have long needed a simpler way to help rule in or rule out IBD as a differential diagnosis for dogs presenting with chronic vomiting and/or diarrhea,” said Todd Tams, DVM, DACVIM, chief medical officer for external affairs for Mars Veterinary Health, the parent of Antech Diagnostics.

Biomarkers give us incredibly valuable, objective data that we can use to support a diagnosis that is consistent with IBD early and with confidence, further localize the cause, provide recommendations for more invasive diagnostics if needed, develop individualized treatment plans and potentially monitor how well a dog responds over time.”

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