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OH RATS! Rats Are Everywhere!


Do you simply chalk this up to life in the big city?

We were walking down the sidewalk in one direction the other night. Two thugs were headed right toward us, and looked as if they weren’t only not going to move out of the way – but also push us off the sidewalk.

As they got closer, my walking partner pulled to the end of the leash – a 35 lb. dog –  and I hollered “move it!” Finally the two rats scampered off. The rats were playing chicken, and they nearly won.

Not only were these rats brazen, they were big.

I know rats will eat about anything, but it seems as though Dr. Conrad Murray or someone must be offering steroids to the rats. Some are giant. And I keep seeing them, this year more than ever.

Is it just me, or bad luck?

Some Aldermanic offices do report a marked increase in complaints. If so, why? Why do you think there would be more rats now than in recent years? What’s going on?

Aside from just grossing out folks…Truly, rats do spread a very long list of diseases and parasites….from leptospirosis to fleas (and, of course, fleas spread disease). Also, and here’s something you don’t typically associate with rats – they do sometimes get into cars by crawling underneath and nibble on wires – so much that they cause tons of damage.  I am an animal lover – but we need to do something about the proliferation rats.

Wonder what your responses have been by phoning 3-1-1 or your Alderman? Some take it upon themselves to call private exterminators rather than to depend on the City.  

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