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One Safe Chicken in The Social Network


I loved The Social Network, a true story about a group of Harvard college
students, notably Mark Zuckerberg, that created Facebook in their dorm room, and rose to fame and
wealth before eventually becoming involved in lawsuits.

The film also starred a chicken. It was a small role, but an important one. And for this movie, like most others using animals, the American Humane Association is on-set to hopefully insure No Animals Were Harmed.

a chicken

 The Social Newtwork earned an outstanding rating. The chicken is a memorable part of the film (I won’t give away story line). Sometimes animals in movies serve as “extras.” Like the geese who just fly away in a scene  – something most moviegoers wouldn’t even think about. But these birds were a part of the American Humane Association monitoring as well. Only now, can you enjoy the show.

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