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November 17 2020

Kukur Tihar: A Howliday for Dogs

As our world is now upside down, nothing brings nations together as do dogs. Our best friends deserve their own day, and that’s what they get every year in Nepal with Kukur Tihar or Kukur Puja, which literally means worship of dogs. This is a mini-festival is a part of a larger Hindu celebration of…

November 16 2020

John O’Hurley on Seinfeld and National Dog Show

Listen HERE to my conversation with renaissance man of the world, actor, author, game show host and dog show announcer John O’Hurley on my Sunday afternoon (1 to 3 pm CT) WGN Radio show. O’Hurley with  David Fei will broadcast the National Dog Show, hosted by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia noon (at time zones)…

November 16 2020

We Need To Cooperate More

Warthogs receive spa treatment, and banded mongoose get lunch. Cooperation – we need more symbiotic relationships.

November 16 2020

I Have the COVID-19 Vaccine: Here’s How and Why

Our nation has never been so angry and so divided in my lifetime. I think at least some of this anger is actually an outlet for what is really fear, stoked by a combination of events leading with the pandemic.  So much for being a backseat psychiatrist, but I wanted to do something to make…

November 15 2020

Dog Training for Dog Power Dogs; Diabetes in Cats on WGN Radio

Timing is everything, as a group of dog trainers, veterinary behaviorists and myself managed to turn away so-called dog trainer Jeff Gelman from a training facility in Bartlett, just outside Chicago. Gelman found another venue and snuck into town to teach techniques which by viewing his own videos it’s clear that Rhode Island-based dog trainer is…

November 14 2020

Alligator Robb Needs Your Help

Florida alligator expert Frank Robb (Alligator Robb) came to Chicago from Florida to catch the alligator (dubbed Chance the Snapper) swimming in the Humboldt Park Lagoon in July 2019. Since the gator`s capture, Robb has become a honorary Chicagoan, throwing out the first pitch at Wrigley Field and turning on Buckingham Fountain and has returned…

November 13 2020

Better than TV: Live Action for Cats

It’s enriching and even better than watching Oprah?  Cats and squirrels.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Cat Lovers (@cats_yye)

November 12 2020

Petco Bans Shock Collars: Believes in Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Petco National Training Manager Darris Cooper talks on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show about why the the national chain pet store banned e-collars. It’s a brave financial choice during the pandemic. There’s no doubt about it – and we chat about why banning e-collars collars (shock collars) is both humane, and actually…

November 12 2020

Domestic Violence: A Pandemic Within a Pandemic

There’s a lot going on now to stress many Americans, and experts suggest that as a result domestic violence or intimate partner violence (IPV) may be on the rise. If this is true, abuse to animals may also be on the rise. Animal abuse in a home has long been considered a predictive factor of…

November 10 2020

Military Working Dogs: A Soldier’s Best Friend

Sometimes we forget what’s really important, and that includes those fighting for our nation with two legs and four. We should never forget – ever – particularly on Veteran’s Day. “No one knows how many lives have been saved (by military working dogs) but many thousands, hundreds of thousands since World War II,” says MSgt.…

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