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January 10 2021

Declaws to End at Cat Friendly Practices

What a great way to kick off the New Year! From my Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show on WGN, listen HERE as Dr. Kelly St. Denis, president of the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) discusses why AAFP now says Cat Friendly Practices can no longer maintain that certification if they practice declaw. Simply put, declaw…

January 9 2021

Enriching Cat Lives

As long as the cat can’t really get to the fish, for cats this is more entertaining that Jimmy Fallon Well, for cats that is. It’s important to engage cats and to create ways which they can engage themselves. VG making sure all his fish friends get something to eat 😽♥️ — black lives…

January 8 2021

Trials Now for a Vaccine to Protect Cats from COVID-19

Cats can get two kinds of corona viruses, one is the feline corona virus and the other is COVID-19 causes by the novel human SARS CoV-2 virus. Applied DNA Sciences, a biotechnology company in Stony Brook, New York, and EvviVax, a veterinary biotechnology company in Rome, announced  that they have received approvals from the New York…

January 8 2021

Dogs Waits for Ice-Cream: A Sign of Spring?

Doesn’t ice-cream mean Spring is almost here? Speaking of ice-cream, if you haven’t heard about the ice-cream war to benefit Anti Cruelty Society.

January 7 2021

Service Dogs to Fly Free on American and Alaska Airlines

American Airlines and Alaska Airlines both indicate legitimate service dogs can fly at no charge. U.S.airline industry and the U.S. Department of Transportation, as of January 1, have banned animals referred to as comfort animals or emotional support animals. It’s all so complicated. The mess, in part, began because the airlines began to charge more…

January 6 2021

50 Best Cities for Pets

What are the 50 best cities for pets with a focus on rental availability, cost of veterinary medicine and number of pet businesses per capita? has done the math. Finding rental properties that allow pets can be challenging, particularly in income challenged neighborhoods. Some upscale properties actually have amenities to attract people with pets,…

January 5 2021

Cat Friendly Practices Can No Longer Declaw

Cat owners and even veterinary professionals have suggested Cat Friendly veterinary practices that declaw aren’t so friendly. Simply put, declaw (or onychetomy) is truly is an amputation as the veterinarian amputates the end section of the last bone, which contains the growth plate along the nail. Once thought to not permanently harm cats, there’s plenty…

January 4 2021

Punching A Dog is NOT Training, It’s Animal Abuse

Punching a dog repeatedly to establish dominance is animal abuse, period. That’s true, even if a police dog handler is training a police dog as much as it is true for anyone training a pet dog. In Vacaville, CA (midway between San Francisco and Sacramento) this police officer was caught on video “correcting” his dog.…

January 3 2021

Cat Burglar is a Feline

A cat burglar is responsible for a crime wave. The burglar, in Ipswich, England has been swiping pens, children’s books, artwork, sock puppets, even condoms. Cameras caught the thief in-the-act, and neighborhood children have also witnessed this brazen criminal, a 3-year old Siamese-cross. This truly is a cat burglar. Theo, the cat, had reportedly gained…

January 3 2021

Dogs Made 2020 At Least Tolerable

Thank dog we had our canine best friends in 2020. “There ARE angels here on earth – we call them dogs,” Steve Dale

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