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March 9 2020

Great Mystery Solved: Why Dogs Turn and Relieve Themselves Pointing North-South

It’s thought that birds use the earth’s magnetic field to help them to find their way. It turns out dogs may use the earth’s magnetic field to line them up in just the right direction when they go to the bathroom, in a north-south axis, according to a  new study published in the journal Frontiers…

March 9 2020

World Health Organization on Wildlife Markets in China

Many of you have asked me about China and why outbreaks often begin having often to do with wildlife at markets. FAR better than myself, the World Health Organization offers this fascinating video.

March 8 2020

Pucks and Paws and Decoding Your Cat

Pucks and Paws is a celebration of the Rockford Ice Hogs and pet adoption. How can I not love that? Listen HERE to my Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show with Mike Peck, business operations manager of the Ice Hogs. Rockford, as a Blackhawks minor league team, has provided nearly 100 players for the major…

March 6 2020

Update on Pets and COVID-19

Many of you have asked about pets being exposed novel Wuhan corona virus, known at COVID-19. The short answer: Don’t worry. Dogs and cats, like humans, have their own species specific corona viruses, in dogs hardly ever causing serious illness and in cats pretty much never causing serious illness. In cats, however, the corona virus…

March 5 2020

Stop Insurance Companies Profiling Based on Dog Breed

Listen HERE for myself and King John Williams on WGN Radio talking about how for homeowners and renters insurance if you allegedly have a certain dog breed or mix of breeds, your policy may be cancelled, you may be charged more money or you can’t get a policy in the first place. Ledy VanKavage, senior…

March 5 2020

Allergies to Cats: A Thing of the Past with Dr. Michael Lappin

While cats are the most popular pet in America, they are sometimes considered second second class citizens. And Dr. Michael Lappin, professor of internal medicine at Colorado State University College of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences says thee are primarily two reasons for this: Fear of cats passing infections like toxoplasmosis. While toxo is real, prevention…

March 4 2020

Dewormer Treating Cancers in Dogs and People?

According to an increasing number of anecdotal reports, a dewormer in dogs can actually treat some cancers in people and therefore, at least theoretically in dogs as well. The dewormer compound is called fenbendazole. Safe Guard, Pro Sense and Panacur are examples of product names.

March 3 2020

Might Cats Suffer from Effects of Lyme Transmission?

It’s always been assumed that Lyme Disease impacts people and dogs, but not cats. Well, it turns out that Lyme disease may be associated with some cardiac arrhythmias in cats. This report is from the Winn Feline Foundation:  Tørnqvist-Johnsen C, Dickson S-A, Rolph K, Palermo V, Hodgkiss-Geere H, Gilmore P, et al. First report of…

March 2 2020

Dr. Karen Overall on How We Can Create Aggression by the Way We Walk Dogs

Are we walking dogs correctly, and reading what they are telling us? On my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show, legendary veterinary behaviorist Dr. Karen Overall says “no” We force our dogs sometimes to be in situations which they have no choice, as other dogs they don’t know get into their space. And once…

March 1 2020

Stand Up Against Breed Discrimination for Homeowners/Renters Insurance

On my WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World, it’s about time insurance company’s end discrimination that homeowners or renters insurance often places upon owners of a wide variety of breeds. Listen HERE to my conversation with Ledy VanKavage, senior legislative analyst at Best Friends, who wants to once and for all put an end to this.…

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