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CATalyst Summit

Feline Ambassadors Meet to ‘Purrk’ Up Cats’ Image   Steve Answers Two Cat Questions: Cat in the Garage, Cat in the Basement Steve’s Report on the CATalyst Summit

Season of Suppers: Helping Pets Helps Seniors in Need

ImageSteve's involved with an intiative by Meals On Wheels with Banfield, the Pet Hospital which hopes to feed thousands of pets belonging to shut ins this holiday season. You can help too...

Steve with Jonathan Lavin, CEO of AgeOptions, the Area Agency on Aging for suburban Cook County and Dr. Brenda Burnham McQuillan, medical director Banfield the Pet Hospital, Illinois talk about Season of Suppers on WGN Radio

It’s Where the Obama’s Didn’t Purchase Their Pup That Matters

No, they didn’t get a shelter dog. So what? The First Family’s First Puppy is as pure bred as they come, a Portuguese Water Dog named Bo, a gift from Senator Ted Kennedy’s family, who have three Portuguese Water Dogs of their own. By accepting 6-month old Bo, who had been returned to the breeder…

Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins

Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins, Maverick Cat Vet Answers Readers Questions Her Own Way PETCAST: Interview with Dr. Hodgkins

Aren’t the Airlines Wonderful: Steve’s Westminster Travel Ordeal

Before the Group Competition began day two at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden, I called American Airlines. I knew the weather in Chicago had been bad the day before, and at best the flights would likely delayed on Wednesday (Valentine’s Day). I phoned American Airlines twice Tuesday night, and on…

Q & A Sampling

Retractable Leashes Not Worth the Risk; Screening for Cardiomyopathy in Cats My husband says ‘Cats Belong Outside;’ Traveling with Catnip Through Security; My Pets Have Fleas Poor Grandma Gets Dragged Down the Street; Microchip Fact and Fiction; Ball Python Shedding Predicament; Snacking Bambi Burgers

CATalyst Council Names Cat Friendliest Cities in America

Phoenix, AZ. Dogs may have the claim as our best friends, but America’s number one companion are cats. There are simply more pet cats than there are dogs (81.7 million cats to 71.2 million dogs). To celebrate appropriate cat care and the cat/human bond, the CATalyst Council held a press event at the American Animal…

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