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May 23 2010

Fire Damages Philadelphia Pet Store: Not a Single Animal Killed

A passerby – ironically walking his dog – noticed smoke billowing from the World Wide Aquarium and Pet Center in Philadelphia’s Tacony section at about 4:30 am on Sunday, May 23. While a sprinkler system helped to maintain the fire itself, until the fire department arrived – heavy smoke filled the pet store. Video of…

May 23 2010

Heartworm Disease: It's Preventable

You don’t need to treat heartworm disease, if you prevent it in the first place simply by offering your dog the medication….In cats, bigger issue, there is no treatment; the only answer is prevention. Dr. Sheldon Rubin, past president of the American Heartworm Society:

May 23 2010

Another Family Tragedy: Travolta's Dog's Killed

Just over a year after actors John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s son Jett died in the Bahama’s, on May 13 the family’s dogs were killed in an accident at the Bangor International Airport in Maine. Local published reports indicate the two small dogs were somehow killed on the tarmac. John Travolta and Kelly Preston The…

May 22 2010

Talking Hockey, Cat Care and Saluting Dr. Rubin: Steve Dale's Pet World

Certified as a Cat Behavior Consultant by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, author of “Every Cat’s Survival Guide to Living with a Neurotic Owner,” and New York Post cat columnist – Beth Adelman knows cat behavior….but she is – get this – also a hockey expert! She just authored (with her husband, music…

May 22 2010

Military Working Dogs, Unsung War Heroes

On my WLS Radio show today (May 22), Steve Dale’s Pet World, 2 pm cst ( or AM 890), Vietman War hero John Burnam talks about military working dogs, and his efforts to create a War Memorial in Washington D.C. to honor these four-legged heroes. All I can say is that IT’S ABOUT THIS! Since…

May 21 2010

Dog Bite Prevention Tips from American Humane and the American Veterinary Medical Association

As Dog Bite Prevention Week comes to a close (though May 22). Here some tips from the American Humane Association:To prevent dog bites, adults should teach children: •    Never approach an unknown dog or a dog that is alone without an owner, and always ask the owner’s permission before petting the dog.•    Never approach an…

May 21 2010

Gorilla Reunion: An Extraordinary Encounter

This isn’t a typical pet blog – but I offered several recent posts on animal emotions, relating to dogs and cats. How about a gorilla? Damian Aspinall (son of conversatonist John Aspinall, founder of Howletts  – a wild animal park in the UK) is now the president of the Aspinall Foundation. Several years ago, after…

May 20 2010

Aroma Therapy Is Enriching for Dogs and Cats of all Kinds

I am privileged to have spoken around the world on many topics relating to animal behavior. Two talks I give are all about enrichment. That’s the opportunity for animals to make independent choices to use their natural abilities. One simple example is to hang a bird feeder outside for an indoor cat to watch. Cats…

May 19 2010

National Dog Bite Prevention Week, American Humane KIDS Program

No one knows how many dog bites happen because so many bites happen within families and go unreported. Even those bites that are reported might not be ‘counted’ because medical facilities and other authorities don’t always report bites as they should. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about 3.5 million children are…

May 17 2010

Tree House Humane Cruise for Cats

It may be the world’s only cruise for cats, from Mercury Chicago’s Skyline Cruiseline, this was  a benefit for Tree House Humane Society – Puss ‘n Boats (on May 16). The Chicago Architecture Foundation donated a docent for narration, and he was so incredibly interesting. This isn’t my typical kind of post – but I…

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