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December 20 2009

My Favorite Top-10 Gifts For Pets

Wondering what to buy your pets for the howlidays? The economy may still be in the doghouse, but the spirit of giving to four-legged family members hasn’t diminished. Here are some ideas (all are new products):

December 20 2009

Animals in Illinois are Safe

Report Ranks Illinois Best in Animal Protection Laws, according to the Animal Legal Defense Fund. Actually, I personally agree with this…And soon, I hope, for a new law. And you read it here first: Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart (who we can credit for many animal protection laws) was on my WLS show discussing the…

December 20 2009

Puppies Singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Puppy Chorus (as sent to me by reader/listener Robyn)

December 18 2009

Pet Products of the Year

Here’s a preview of what I reveal Saturday morning (December 19) at 6 on my WLS Radio Show, Steve Dale’s Pet World (890 AM, or I will also present a dramatic reading of “A Pet’s Night Before Christmas” ChicagoNow bloggers will learn very exciting news right this second (quite a perk to checking out…

December 17 2009

Pets Meet Santa

Pets can take their pictures with Santa, Monday December 21, at Northbrook Court at the Santa Village, Lower Level of Neiman Marcus (ooh – not a store to have an accident in), 6 to 9 p.m. Photos are free, so is the parking! St. Nick’s Pet Pics sponsored by Best Friends Animal Society. (Bad news:…

December 17 2009

Microchipping Pets Saves Lives

Shelters and animal rescuers have said for years that pets scanned for microchips will more likely be recovered. Now, Dr. Linda Lord is using science to document if microchipping matters. Not a huge surprise, microchipping saves lives! When it comes to microchipping, increasingly people are microchipping dogs – but cats get the short end of…

December 16 2009

Deck the Howls: A Doggy Christmas

Dogs are Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree:(This video is a personal favorite of mine, and several readers as well – so, as per your request)Happy Howlidays to you and your families!!

December 16 2009

From Innocent Puppy into Life Changing Service Dog

Inspirational Story! (tissue alert) –  Surf Dog Ricochet (Rip Curl Ricki) began training as a service dog from the time she was a puppy. Actually, because he so loved to chase birds, she failed as a service dog – but excels as a ‘SURFice dog,’ surfing with his best friend, quadriplegic Patrick Ivison. (thanks to…

December 15 2009

Dogs vs. Cats

Question of the ages: Who’s smarter cats or dogs? According to this story on dog and cat intellegence in New Scientist, the Dogs vs. Cats Showdown, dogs win by a nose. What do you think? I know when I speak at conferences, and ask those in the crowd ‘Who’s smarter?’ Three choices: (1) dogs or…

December 13 2009

Introducing Cats

Tips on introducing a new cat:. For the first week or two, though, behind a closed door – where cat’s can’t yet see one another. After a few days, rotate blankets, and place near the food dishes of the ‘other’ cat, so cats associate food with each other’s smell. Rotate toys too. And use Feliway.…

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