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Dressing Up Just for Barks: Halloween Costume Contest for Canines

“Tricks & Treats: A Howl of a Good Time,” features costume contests for pets, sponsored by Barker & Meowsky: A Paw Firm. The event begins at 11 am, Sunday, October 25th at the Bridgeview Bank parking lot (Halsted St. and Armitage Ave.). It says in the press release, ‘Imagine your pet being introduced by celebrity…

Emergency Pet Care on WLS Saturday Morning

Pet emergencies, the topic of conversation tomorrow 6 a.m. cst on Steve Dale’s Pet World, on WLS Radio (890-AM, How do you know if you should wait it out or rush to the emergency clinic? I’ll take listener questions, of course with Dr. June LaFave, medical director of Chicago Veterinary Emergency Services (celebrating their 30th…

Cesar Millan's Song & Dance Routine

Not sure what the Dog Whisperer will be doing at the Rosemont Theatre, apparently his usual song and dance routine. I obviously haven’t seen the show yet, but from all accounts it reminds me of the days when “preachers” would go from town to town “healing” people with their magic touch. Were they really healing?…

Meow Mixer

Help Chicago’s Shelter Cats! The 5th Annual Meow Mixer is Friday, October 23. The event benefits Felines Inc, and will be held at the Anti Cruelty Society (LaSalle and Grand), 7 pm. Learn more about Felines, Inc.. and about the benefit. cats will be carded at the door

Wine, Wags and Dog Tags

My kind of event, wine (really good wine), wags (you can bring your well-socialized dogs) and dog tags (benefits a really good cause)….at Bice Grille (158 E. Ontario St.), Saturday October 24, 6 pm. The event benefits Operation Heroes & Hounds, an idea from dog trainer Tamar Geller. She pairs dogs (rescued from shelters) with…

Dogs at Work, Unusual Employment Opportunities

In response to the Red Eye’s and ChicagNow blogger Stephen Markley’s post on why he hates dogs, I outlined in defense of dogs some of the many many many many ways which dogs help society, from service dogs who assist the visually impaired to those who help people needing physical assistance to dogs who detect…

Prescription for Violence: Safe Humane Chicago

Mayor Daley, Senator Durbin, and so many others . . . too many for me to count off here have recently weighed in on violence in Chicago. The question: What can be done? Well, right here under our noses there’s a community based program called Safe Humane Chicago. Bill Hageman wrote a great piece in…

Meet the Breeds Going on NOW in NYC – Can You Name the Breeds?

How many of these cat breeds can you name? (video compliments of Dr. Susan Little and Dr. Vicki Thayer, Winn Feline Foundation)

In Defense of Dogs: Markley Misses the Mark

It’s like two countries at war –                                                                       A couple of days back, ChicagoNow blogger Stephen Markley posted on why he hates dogs. Then, of course, I post a response, Barking in…

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