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November 21 2009

Dogs at the Beach – A Little Summer into Your Winter

I LOVE THIS VIDEO – and I dare anyone not to smile watching this (even Red Eye reporter/blogger Stephen Markley – who says he hates dogs)

November 20 2009

Death of a Bulldog: University of Georgia Mascot

Live in Georgia? Follow the Bulldogs? If so, your big time celebrity isn’t Oprah or even Southern Cooking sensation Paula Deen, it’s Uga VII, Georgia football’s mascot. He died, and was only 4-years old.  The UGA mascot has quite the legacy, even helping to popularize the English Bulldog.  (thanks to Craig Levy and Gigwig for…

November 20 2009

Cat Dies of H1N1 (Swine Flu)

H1N1 Kills a cat, the first cat to succumb, the third conformed case of H1N1 (swine flu) in a cat (not counting other cats who lived in the household where the cat who died lived). Buddy an empty bowl in the kitchen reminds Rhonda Rebmann of her cat Buddy“It’s crazy,” said Rebmann.  “I would never…

November 18 2009

Cat Health Grant Reports, WINN Feline Foundation

Latest on Cat Health Studies: Grant Reports Winn Feline Foundation on these and others: Upper respiratory tract disease of cats in shelters Feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM a huge killer of adult cats) Healthy carriers of the feline corona virus (Leading to why some cats with positive corona virus never get FIP) Calicivirus and idoepathic cystitis…

November 18 2009

Food Banks for Pets: Chicago is a Leader

Pet food pantries are more necessary, more popular because of foreclosures and evictions, as well as the slumping economy in general. Tree House Humane Society has been providing pet food for those in need for over 30 years. Chicago is a national leader when it comes to helping pets. It’s fine that we often focus…

November 18 2009

Dog Greets Soldier

Dog welcomes home his dad back from Afghanistan. Who says animals don’t have emotions?

November 17 2009

Is Your Cat Thinking Outside the Box

Inappropriate elimination: When cats miss the litter box: Urinating or defecating outside the box is an all too common reason cats are given up to shelters, or just dumped outside. Rule #1: See your veterinarian. Rule #2: Don’t wait until the problem gets SO bad that you can’t stand it anymore, but it’s been going on…

November 16 2009

Cat Diabetes: New Insulin

ProZinc, a new insulin product for controlling diabetes in cats. Of course, speak with your veterinarian first, if you have a diabetic cat – but you can receive a free ProZinc Diabetic Care Kit. There’s lots of info about administering insulin and what you can do at home for diabetic cats.

November 15 2009

Adopt A Dog: Iams Home 4 the Holidays

Adopting a puppy, Ethel is our Iams Home 4 the Holidays dog. Home 4 the Holiday is the most successful pet adoption program, ever!

November 15 2009

Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming: The BasicsDog Brushing: The BasicsEthel is content being brushed….well, for the most part – she does offer a signal that she’s stressed, can you tell me what that is?

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