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Dog Fighting and Michael Vick

Steve’s Personal Thank You to Michael VickDog Fighting: An American Tragedy, Here’s the Truth Chicago combats dog fighting! Press Alert for new Safe, Humane Chicago iniative, a national pilot program. ‘A real victim of dogfighting is society,’ Press Release. Chicago Tribune print story and CLTV video. Hear Steve’s Podcast of his WGN Radio round-table on dogfighting with…

An American Idol Near Miss Feeling Good, Still Hunting Fame, Walking Dogs

Hear radio interview with Leslie Hunt

(this is an expanded web version of the story)

            There’s only one thing on earth more terrifying than singing followed by a critique from American Idol judge Simon Cowell – and that is losing a dog. Even puppy lover, Cowell would likely agree.

Leslie Hunt
Leslie Hunt

Steve’s Petcasts

WGN Radio PETCASTS Updated: April 16(A permanent tab is found on the left side of this page) Amy Dickinson, syndicated newspaper columnist speaks about her memoir “The Mighty Queens of Freeville: A Mother, A Daughter and the Town That Raised Them” Stanley Coren, author of “The Modern Dog,” agrees with Steve that people have actually…

For Literate Animal Lovers: Books for the Holidays

For your animal-loving friends and relatives, here are ten newer books to consider for your holiday gift list

The Christmas Cat Book

From Baghdad With Love

Watch Steve at Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart’s Press Conference,

putting a Pit Bull to work for the County, Bloodhound saves a life Written by Steve Dale Steve named Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart is WGN Radio Pet Central 2008 Person of the Year for his passion to sniff out dog fighters. That’s great. Better is to save some of these dogs who find themselves…


Updated July 27 Hear Steve interview Dr. Stephen Sundlof (7/27) NEW A CDC For Animals, Among Ideas Sundlof Advocates, part 2 Sundlof interview (7/10) FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine Top Dog Sundlof Concedes, ‘We Have To Do Better’; Pet Food Companies May Have Known Cost Was Too Good to Be True, part 1 Sundlof interview (7/1) Expanded…

Lessons Learned from the Movie Marley & Me

I’m a fan of the movie “Marley & Me.” Certainly lots of great movies over the years have been made with canine stars, from cartoon dogs to Lassies. But there are precious few movies where dogs on the big screen are playing ordinary, food swiping, pillow chewing, leash pulling dogs. That’s one reason, I think,…

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