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October 1 2009

Tribune Confirms: Vick Did NOT Re-Sign With Nike

Chicago Tribune Confirms: Vick Did Not Re-Sign With Nike Interesting that many felt as I did…One thing that the NFL allows him to play, and the Eagles snatch up the ex-dog fighter. And that he is told the only way he can come back for good is to demonstrate he is ‘sorry,’ and educate people…

October 1 2009

So Did Vick Sign (with Nike again), Or Not? Turns Out, Maybe Not

Story hitting the media just now, that – in fact- Nike DID NOT re-sign Vick after all I sure hope not, as indicated in my previous post….Did all these members of the media make a mistake. Sure could be. Wouldn’t be the first time. Or maybe Nike changed their minds about the endorsement deal already…

October 1 2009

Vick Back With Nike, What The * * * * Are They Thinking?

It’s one thing for the NFL to make a decision to sign Michael Vick, it’s another that Vick just signed on with Nike. The Eagles maintain there’s been little backlash as a result of signing Vick. If the Eagles really believe that (I doubt they do), they are not paying attention. Well, in truth, the…

September 29 2009

Critical of Obama's Choice of Puppy? Not me

Some were critical of where the First Family chose to get their puppy, Bo – not me. This is the syndicated piece I wrote; some loved what I said, others thought the President committed a Federal Crime. What do you think?By the way, here’s a handy list of American Kennel Club related breed rescue groups,…

September 29 2009

Clip is Disgusting, Just Plain Stupid or Funny 'Family Guy' Humor?

After this clip was shown on the Emmy Awards, colleague Susan McCullough (author House Training for Dummies, Wiley Publishing), sent me an alert and called this clip “Disgusting.” Others believe it is funny, just plain stupid or what would you expect from ‘Family Guy?’ What do you think?

September 28 2009

Thank Your Vet for a Healthy Pet – Tell Me What You Think of Your Vet

Look at all the nominees from the Midwest for the Morris Animal Foundation’s Thank Your Pet for a Health Pet contest… Lots from from the Chicago area! We do have GREAT veterinarians here.I was a judge for this contest a couple of years back, glad I’m not now – I know too many of the…

September 28 2009

Flush It: Cats Know How to Entertain Themselves

Before the days of You Tube, for my print column, I received an email from a reader going on and on about how her water bill had skyrocketed. I thought she was writing to the wrong columnist – what she described at the end was this. . ..and apparently she’s not alone.

September 25 2009

Happy Dog – authors on WLS, including Oprah's (dog) groomer

Jill Cahr and Billy Rafferty are Chicago-based co-authors of “Happy Dog, Caring for Your Dog’s Body, Mind and Spirit” on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WLS Radio, Saturday (Sept. 26), 6 a.m.,, 890 AM. Billy is Oprah’s dog groomer, or was her groomer, and commented on the proper grooming for a Presidential First Dog. Jill…

September 25 2009

Vet Visits May Soon Be A Write Off

The idea of writing off your veterinary costs (up to $3,500) began with actor Robert Davi (Die Hard movies and many TV shows), and then forwarded to committee by U.S. Representative Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI). Davi is on my WLS show, 2 p.m. Saturday (Sept. 26) on WLS (890 AM, The ASPCA now supports H.R.…

September 25 2009

Another Dogfighting Arrest at Day Care Center, You Can Ask Sheriff Dart?

You haven’t likely read this elsewhere, not yet anyway….Happy to have a scoop, on another arrest – the count is now at three charged for dogfighting. The dogs were ‘trained’ at the same house as a day care center in Maywood. Tom Dart and myself with Melanie and Elliot Ness, who are four-legged sheriff employees,…

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