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September 23 2009

Elliot Ness CD (Cadavear Dog)

This is why I named Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart PET PERSON OF THE YEAR, 2008 back when I was at WGN. At a press conference with Sheriff Dart, Elliot Ness the Pit Bull and Melanie, a heroic Bloodhound By rescuing the Pit Bull, taxpayers saved money and Sheriff Dart saved a life. Also, everyday…

September 23 2009

Far Worse Than an NFL Star Fighting Dogs

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart and his officers break up a dogfighting ring out of a Maywood daycare facility. And I’m not talking ‘doggy daycare.’ Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart with some of the pit bulls rescued from a Maywood day care center with Linda Estrada, head of Animal Welfare League, which is sheltering the…

September 23 2009

All Shelters Aren't What They Seem

Fox News’ Mark Saxenmeyer had the scoop last night – the State Attorney General’s Office is seeking civil and criminal sanctions against Pet Rescue in Bloomingdale, IL and the two women who ran the place. I don’t know if these women are ill (hoarding is an illness), or what the deal is – except animal…

September 23 2009

Hockey Fans Heads Up – You Can Win a Stick, Help Rottweilers

Win a hockey stick autographed by the Chicago Blackhawks, or a Jonathon Toews autographed jersey, to benefit Recycle Rottweilers. I’ve known about Recycled Rotts for years. Today, every breed has rescue groups, from Affenpinschers to Yorkshire Terriers, and everything in between…Recycled Rotts were one of the first. People give up Rotties because they’re too much…

September 22 2009

Tax our soda, our liqueur – but our pets?

When I spoke to then Cook County Commissioner Mike Quigley on my radio show, and complained about what was then Cook County Board President Todd Stroger’s impending sales tax hike – I was only kidding when I said, ‘Next thing you know, they’ll be taxing our pets.” In California that’s just what happened – as…

September 21 2009

Foreclosures, Evictions and Pets

People are losing their homes – sometimes landing on the street, the same is true for pets. In some places around the Chicago area, and around the country, shelter intakes are up and the number of roaming stray cats and dogs are also up – it all seems tied to the the increase in foreclosures…

September 19 2009

University of Illinois Vet School Comes to Chicago

It’s called Furnetic, the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine new Chicago practice….The good news is that for the expertise of the vet school, you no longer need to drive the 2-hours plus. Aside from specialists from the teaching hospital visiting, this is a real, working practice, 2242 W. Harrison Street (just West of…

September 17 2009

Thanks For Sniffing Me Out – Welcome To My Blog

Chicago Now is great, but I can’t imagine a blog site calling itself complete without including pets. After all, most people in American do have a pet; there are actually more pets than children. And over 90 percent consider their pet(s) members of the family. This blog will ultimately be what you decide…I’ll be posting…

September 17 2009

What Would You Have Done?

Walking down Broadway with Ethel….We heard some barking, and I assumed there was a dog tied-out at the Starbucks down the street. No matter where you are, seems there’s always a Starbucks down the street, right? Turns out it wasn’t a dog tied out at Starbucks….It was a dog….wait I look closer two dogs…no four…

September 16 2009

Mandated Spay/Neuter Fails in California As It Has Here (as it should fail)

I am NOT a fan of mandated spay/neuter. Listen, I’ve worked for years as hard as anyone to support the notion of spay/neuter. Absolutely, in general, spaying/neutering is the responsible right thing to do! However, these mandates to spay/neuter carry with them FAR too many unintended consequences. And as a result these mandates do more…

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