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Westminster Round Up

Westminster Winner Among The Dogs Who Serve To Help Kellie Fitzgerald with Best in Show winner James Aren’t the Airlines Wonderful: Steve’s Westminster Travel Ordeal Waiting in line for a taxi at the airport for over an hour, trying to shelter her Papilon from the cold Westminster Images and Memories 2007 Steve and Robin Explore…

Guard Cat

1996Click here to view the PDF

Check It Out: Puppy Ethel

Ethel Photos Round TwoUpdated June 18 King Daley Shepherd: A New Designer Breed Kim Thornton’s Designer Dog Story Be A Lifesaver: Consider Adoption As An Option

Don’t Believe the Rumors: Learn the Truth About Cats at Big Cat Show

ImageIt’s like the Westminster dog show, except there are no dogs – it’s all about cats. The CFA-Iams Cat Championship is October 14 and 15 at Madison Square Garden. 

Marie Barrone Loves Dog

As Marie Barone, Raymond’s mother on “Everybody Loves Raymond,” Doris Roberts is one of the most recognized faces on TV. The veteran actress isn’t easily upstaged, that’s unless she’s with her 11-year old Labrador retriever, Max.


Cat Show Box

Photo highlights from CFA-Iams Cat Championship at Madison Sqaure Garden.Read More Experts at cat show answer Pet World reader questions.Read More

Rimadyl: Friend or Foe

May, 2000
Steve's entire award winning four-part series on Rimadyl. In 2000, Steve felt coverage of the Rimadyl story was superficial, so he embarked on this four-part series. To this day, he continues to receive, we've archived the articles here for you.

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