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Domestic Cats Succumb to Lethal Tick Disease

ImageIf being hit by cars, chased by coyotes or stray dogs or clashing in a cat fight aren’t compelling enough arguments to keep your kitty indoors, check out cytauxzoonosis.

Life Lessons from Patti Davis

ImageSteve speaks with Patti Davis about life lessons she's learned from her cats; about how her mom, Nancy Regan is holding up; and how how Merv Griffin delivered a Shar-Pei to Nancy's  door as a surprise. Hear Patty on Steve Dale's Pet World! 

Cutting Edge Medicine Saves Life, The Latest Research

Louisville, KY. Sandra and James Beaven of La Grange, KY travel around the nation in their motor home with the entire family, consisting of two dogs and two cats.

Doctors and Vets Working Hand in Paw

            If a vaccine to treat melanoma in dogs isn’t amazing enough, veterinary oncologists working in tandem with their colleagues in human health have created a similar vaccine for people with melanoma.

Sensible Compromise to Legalize Ferrets on Left Coast

ImagePet ferrets are illegal in California. But what if they're all spay/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped? Steve wants to know what the threat can possibly be.


ImageDanger Will Robinson. Ticks may reach record numbers. Ticking off the ticks with Preventic collar is a viable tool to deal with them buggers. But read this warning. Also, know that cats are dying from a tick bourne illness.

Global Warming Fantastic for Fleas

You can win the battle, and you can win the war. Experts talk about how to bust fleas.

Ticks in the City

ImageTick borne diseases are on the rise…in particular a pathogen that’s lethal to domestic cats.

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