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Melamine Alone Isn’t Responsible, and Senator Dick Durbin’s Proposal to Upgrade the Nation’s Food Supply System A more detailed column on all this to appear within 24 hours which will include comments from Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill), Dr. Brent Hoff and others. . .  but I wanted to get at least the bullet points out…

Introducing The King Daley Shepherd

            We have a designer dog. She’s not a labradoodle (Labrador retriever and poodle) or goldendoodle (golden retriever and poodle). She’s not an anything doodle or poo, like a cockapoo (cocker spaniel and poodle) or pekapoo (Pekingese and poodle).  These so-called designer breeds are all the craze for those who can afford them. Around our…

Pet Food Safety Is Now An Issue….Should It Be?

Anna Marvis is at a Chicago pet superstore to purchase a dog toy for her Bichon Frise, not pet food. “Absolutely, not pet food,” she stresses. “How can I ever trust pet foods again?” She’s now preparing food in her own kitchen with ingredients she purchases where she buys her own food for her fluffy…

Giant Banfield Reports Six Deaths So Far, Not Thousands; Sen. Durbin, Calls for Change

            The good news is that the incidents of reported cases of death and illness due to eating tainted pet food seems to have nearly diminished all together, according to the FDA and also the largest group of pet hospitals (with over 600 clinics throughout the country), Banfield, the Pet Hospital.             Reports of confirmed…

Steve interviews Senator Durbin about his response to pet food tragedy

April 5. Senator Dick Durbin (D) held a news conference in Wicker Park, just across from a dog friendly area on Chicago’s near north side. Several canines and even one pet bird were among those who attended. Durbin began the news conference, “Our pets may have no voice – but we do, and it’s up…

Toxin Identified, But May Not Explain What Sickened and Killed Them

            There’s a new wrinkle in the tainted pet food investigation. Recent reports elsewhere in the media have indicated that melamine – not aminopterin – in tainted pet food is making pets sick and in some cases has killed them. It turns out that may not exactly be true. Melamine has been identified and linked…


Here You Go, Figure It Out for Yourself, from the FDA Press Conference – Dry Foods May Be A Problem Too, Or Not             March 30, 2007. The messages seem confused, contradictory to what the Food and Drug Administration has previously stated.             For starters, aminopterin (the rodenticide previously announced March 23 to be responsible…

Information: What to do…Who to Contact

Despite sensationalized reports elsewhere, the simple truth is that no one knows how many pets have become ill or died as result of the tainted pet food, while that number may be well into the hundreds or even higher, it may not be. At this time, the number of animals affected is conjecture. Enhancing confusion…

Most Sick Pets Survive Illness from Tainted Food, Too Many Do Not;

Researchers Seek Further Explanation: Linda’s son, Christian, resting with Basti             “I felt I had killed my cat; I mean who would expect buying the best possible food for her might kill her,” says Linda Frahm of Palatine, IL (a Chicago suburb).            Basti, who was found outdoors, ‘adopted’ the Frahm family three years ago. Basti…

Taking You To the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine Press Conference

March 23, 2007. In a teleconference at 4:30 (ET) with the Food and Drug Administration, officials confirmed that the New York State Animal Health Diagnostic Center at Cornell and the New York State Food Laboratory identified aminopterin (a folic acid inhibitor used both as a rodenticide and at one time as a cancer treatment in…

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