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Abandonment: Pets Paying the Price for Sagging Economy


            Call it trickle down economics – the nation’s economic woes have trickled down to impact family members with fur or feathers. In some places, there’s a real crisis.

Behavior Studies Discussed at 80th Annual Western Veterinary Conference

            Las Vegas, NV. The 80th Western Veterinary Conference attracted about 8,000 veterinary professionals from around the world to the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Feb. 17-21. Among the 730 hours of continuing education offered for veterinary professionals, expert researchers presented the latest and greatest in cutting edge medicine. Veterinary behaviorist Dr. Jacqui Nielson of…

Lifesaving Dog Helps a Family in Crisis: Pets In Women’s Shelters Offer Unconditional Love

            The smoke was so heavy Sheila* could barely breath. Call it adrenalin, or instinct – but she wasn’t about to leave her burning home without her children. And the family shepherd-mix, Nyla wasn’t going anywhere without Sheila. Moments later, as the fire worsened Sheila heard her oldest daughter scream from outside that “We all…

Steve’s Report on the CATalyst Summit

Steve presenting at the Summit Cat didn’t get their tongue. Experts from around the country met in Palm Springs, CA February 5 and 6 to chart a course of action in order to help cats at the CATalyst Summit. Cats don’t fair as well as dogs when it comes to veterinary visits; cats are more…

Feline Ambassadors Meet to 'Purrk' Up Cats' Image

            By all accounts, you’d think Americans have a love affair with cats. They are indeed ‘man’s best friends.’ According to the newly published American Veterinary Medical Association U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook; cats now outnumber dogs at 82 million cats vs. 71 million dogs.             However, the truth about cats is appalling. Cats…

Spanning the Globe: New Year’s Resolutions from Pet Lovers

Charlotte Peltz with Moxie, Zagal in Mexico

In England, Pam Pickett's Max

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