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Politicians Profiled Dog Breed Include Westminster Winner

    It’s ironic. The winning dog at world’s most prestigious dog show isn’t allowed in Denver (as I interpret the description of breed standards for dogs banned in their city code), and would be forced to wear a muzzle in Boston.

Dog Attacks Exaggerated, Particularly When It Comes to Pit Bulls

Balloons are more likely to kill a child than a dog, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Atlanta, GA.

All New Pet Products Presented at Global Pet Expo

From Chinese food for dogs to a toilet for cats to high-end purses to tote pets in, Steve sniffed out unique innovative pet products at the Global Pet Expo.

Can Lessons Be Learned from the Shootings in Three New Orleans Schools?

Within 48-hours after 9/11, I spoke with a search-and-rescue dog handler via cell phone as he described details of what was he was finding in the mountain of debris once called the World Trade Center. I cried as I spoke with him. Most of what he said was too graphically horrific to print.

Heartworm Disease Continues to Spread

Heartworm Disease is still killing dogs - and they simply don't have to die. According to a new survey, close to half of all pet owners aren't giving their dog a preventative. The overwhelming majority of cat owners don't even know heartworm protection may be important for felines too.

Iams Cat Championship

Dog shows and cats shows are both beauty contest. The biggest difference between the two is that you have to tell dogs just how beautiful they are; the cats know it. Every cat among the over 300 participating at the 3rd Annual 2005 CFA – Iams Cat Championship at Madison Square Garden in New York City, October 8 and 9 feels he or she is the most beautiful there. To the cats, it doesn’t matter what the judges decide.

Fear of Pets Spreading Bird Flu Unfounded

ImageSteve spoke with leading experts on the potential avian flu threat to pets who might get sick, and the potential of it spreading to people. In Europe, some cat owners panicked when the bird flu was discovered in a pet cat.

Nothing But The Truth, At Least Her Truth

ImageSuzanne Clothier calls unconditional love a myth; her views are controversial. Her book “If A Dog’s Prayers Were Answered Bones would Rain From the Sky: Deepening Our Relationship with Dogs” is a seminal work that's guaranteed to be as thought provoking as she is.

Lessons Learned from Hotel Rwanda

December, 2004
Only after seeing Hotel Rewanda, I am only more convinced about what living with animals teaches us.

How Felines Can Make Friends, It Doesn’t Have to Be Cat vs. Cat

August, 2004
Pam Johnson Bennett's latest book is about living with more than one cat.

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