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May 1 2005

Beat The Battle of the Fleas

May, 2005

“You can win the battle of against the fleas, and you can even win the war,” according to Dr. Michael Dryden

June 1 2005

Ticks Are Everywhere, They Spread More Disease Than Previously Suspected

June, 2005

It’s been known for many years that dogs can suffer illness because of tick transmitted Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and a disease called ehrlichiosis.

June 1 2005

Raising the Woof in the Office: Take Your Dog to Work

June, 2005

Raising the Woof in the Office: Take Your Dog to Work Day

July 1 2005

You Don’t Have To Give Up on Your Pet, Behavior Consultants to the Rescue

July, 2005

The number one cause of death in pets isn’t cancer or kidney disease, it’s bad behavior.

July 1 2005


July, 2005

Microchipping Should Be A Solution, Instead It’s Become A Mess

July 1 2005

Two or Three Cats Are Better Than One

July, 2005

Apparently cats are like potato chips, stopping at just one isn’t easy.

August 1 2005

Discovery of Gene Defect Linked to Heart Disease in Cats

August, 2005

You can’t help but wonder if Dr. Kathryn Meurs hollered “Bingo!” when she found a gene mutation in Maine Coon cats that is clearly associated with feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, the most common form of heart disease in cats.

July 1 2005

Super Bugs and Heart Disease Among Topics Discussed at Vet Conference

July, 2005

Pets can now enhance the spread of so-called “super bugs,” which have historically been caught in the hospital by people.

August 1 2005

Hike, Backpack with your Dog

August, 2005

She had climbed about 12,000 feet on Mount Whitney in Southern California when the idea occurred to Charlene LaBelle to write a book about backpacking with dogs.

September 9 2005

Pets Are a Part of the Katrina Story

September, 2005

What you can do to assist families with pets.

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