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November 25 2007

Joan Embery Reigns As Ambassador for Pet Health,

Reminisces About Her Friend Who Didn’t Mind Playing Second Banana to a Marmoset


Hear Steve's WGN Radio interview with Joan Embery

November 25 2007

It’s All About Persevering, ‘Ugly Betty’ Star Finds Her Lost Dog

Luckily For Her Lost Dog, He Was Microchipped. Also, Vanessa Williams' Credo: Never Give Up.


Hear Steve's interview with Vanessa Williams

October 25 2007

Pets Really Do Rule

            Do pets drive you crazy? If so, life isn’t getting better for you anytime soon. Check this out: According to the U.S. Census Bureau there are just over 300 million people in America; and according to the just released 2007/2008  American Pet Product Manufacturer’s Association (APPMA) National Pet Owners Survey, there are more than…

October 15 2007

Holly: An Olympian with a Heart of Gold Succumbs to HCM

No cat is immune to heart disease – not even cats who belong to famous pet writers. Audrey Pavia has done so much for animals; she’s a former editor at Dog Fancy and the AKC Gazette. She’s received numerous awards for her many pet books, including “Horses for Dummies” and “The Labrador Retriever Handbook,” and…

October 15 2007

Honor Your Vet for Helping Your Pet

Connie Hall says she wanted her honor her veterinarian’s extraordinary compassion; her commitment to help clients with limited pocketbooks; her community efforts working with shelters and feral cat caretakers, and most especially Dr, Tammy Kersting’s ability to interpret what her patients are feeling.             “Her heart is in it, all the way,” says Hall. “I’ve…

October 15 2007

Falling for Pet Books

            Talk about a wide variety: New pet books for fall include a book written by dogs for dogs, a serious and critical look at animal sheltering in the U.S., and a guide to dog breeds.


September 17 2007

Chicago Unites Against Dog Fighting

            Dog fighting isn’t about race, income or culture. “That’s a stereotype being perpetuated in the past couple of weeks by the media,” says Chicago community activist Melia Carter.             A new coalition of Chicago community leaders, city officials, elected officials, members of the faith based community and the police have all teamed with local…

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