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September 1 2004

Benji Sleeps Over

September, 2004
Steve's Never Had a Houseguest So Smart.

November 1 2004

One Expert Stands Alone Against Pit Bulls

November, 2004
“Pit bulls are different; they’re like wild animals,” says Alan Beck, director for the Center for the Human Animal Bond School of Veterinary Medicine, West Lafayette, IN.

December 1 2004

Diane Keaton Wants Pets Home For The Holidays

December, 2004
“All these pets are just sitting there waiting for someone to give them a home,” says Academy Award winning actress Diane Keaton.

September 1 2004

Eukanuba Assistance Dog of the Year

September, 2004
Jeff Brosi and Jasper are the winners of the Eukanuba 2004 Assistance Dog of the Year Contest.

March 26 2005

The Best Dog Trainers Purr

March, 2005

A unique group of 'dog trainers'.

April 1 2005

A Team Effort Repatriates A Fallujah Orphan With Four Paws

April, 2005

The First Battalion, Third Marine Regiment from Hawaii had been going from house to house in Fallujah, Iraq sniffing out insurgents.

March 1 2005

You Don't Want Lepto, Your Dog Doesn't Either

March, 2005

There aren't too many diseases that kill both people and dogs; leptosis is one of them.

May 1 2005

Stand Up Against Meaningless Death Adopt A Cat For Life

May, 2005

Annemarie Lucas of 'Animal Precinct' on Animal Planet and Diane Leigh, co-author of "ONE at a Time: A week in an American Animal Shelter"

May 1 2005

Beat The Battle of the Fleas

May, 2005

“You can win the battle of against the fleas, and you can even win the war,” according to Dr. Michael Dryden

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