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Painted Bunnies, Painted Chicks? You've Gotta Be Kidding


Thanks to Chicago legends Steve King and Johnny Putman for pointing this one out.

An Easter issue of decades past has been resurrected by the Florida legislature, according to WJHG. In 1967, the state outlawed coloring animals to protect baby chickens and bunnies.

For those not old enough to recall, it’s hard to even believe that before the ban, pet stores would paint the animals in pastels for Easter sales – not only in Florida but other states also.

But once the color faded, the animals were often abandoned. Of course, chicks and bunnies purchased at this time of year are so often abandoned anyway.

It’s outrageous that a bill even considering the possibility of lifting this ban can even exist.

Can you believe people even want to do this? It’s awful, first, that people haven’t learned NOT to make impulsive purchases at this time of year. Second, you’re kidding, painting live animals in bright colors….for what purpose, really?

If you want a rabbit, either adopt one from a shelter (In Chicago, check out Red Door Shelter), or make yours chocolate.

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