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Pam Johnson-Bennett: Cat vs. Cat


Pam Johnson Bennett

A two-part conversation on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show with the Queen of Cat Behavior Pam Johnson-Bennett on cats getting along with other cats, particularly how to introduce a new cat into the home. Johnson-Bennett just released an updated version of Cats vs. Cat: Keeping peace when you have more than one cat.

People are paying more attention to the emotional needs of cats as we understand cats more about that than ever and what their needs are and how to then go ahead and meet those needs.  If you have an indoor cat, you MUST provide enrichment – this matters, she says. If the cat is doing something you don’t like, it’s likely we’re missing something by failing to provide something that the cat needs. The cat isn’t being bad but instead just coping as he or she knows how to. And now – you add another cat into the mix. What next?

I have a new cat; how can I create harmony? That’s where we begin part two of our conversation:

If there’s one secret sauce to enhance a relationship it’s all about providing enough resources for all the cats in the home, and specifically to give the cats a reason to like each other. She explains how to do all of that.

Pam Johnson-Bennett says that if you only remember one thing, think about how we picked the new arrival kitty going into the home….your existing cat had no choice in the matter.


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